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Establish yourself as part of the in-crowd with fashion scarves for women from MIHAYLO. Our luxurious Italian-made scarves and head wraps are hand crafted with the quality you expect. Shop our Casual Chic and Signature Collection for inspiring fashion ideas- you’re going to love our water-based ink and paint techniques.

MIHAYLO designs are created by using water-based techniques, in concert with inks and paint. In addition, MIHAYLO designs are more stylized, more abstract and less realistic than other types of images. Our designs also emphasize the importance of color bleeding and the use of space to compliment the piece as a whole. Color is an element that we stress in each image. The lightest touch or faintest wash may be added to a monochrome image, or as often omitted. In each case the range of effects is enormous. Rhythmic adjustment of figures and images, the vigorous linear interplay of each, and the incomparable patterning of seductive colors – defines the MIHAYLO brand.

Our designer and internationally known artist, Nate Giorgio, designs and creates all images found on every MIHAYLO product. Nate’s work consistently delivers unique and vivid artwork ideal for timeless fashion scarves. Since establishing his studio in Los Angeles, CA in 1984, Nate Giorgio has become world renowned for his timeless and innovative art. Giorgio’s skillful technique and handling of color conveys a wealth of inspiration and imagery. His ability to create stunning artwork and boldly conceived renditions of classical subjects has propelled him to international acclaim. His works have been the subjects of exhibitions worldwide, with works residing in many significant private collections. Purchasing a MIHAYLO scarf is procuring a work of art created by NATE GIORGIO, neither on canvas nor paper but on the finest silk fabric from around the World.

MIHAYLO products are manufactured in Italy by DI ROSA PAOLO. DI ROSA is located near the famous manufacturing center of Como, Italy and is a top supplier of beautiful fashion accessories made of silk. They are very passionate about their fabrics, manufacturing process, quality controls and finishing techniques. We are extremely proud to have a creative partnership with DI ROSA and it's more than just sending them our images to be printed. It's about the passion that DI ROSA puts into the work and their sincere interest in our collections. And we believe this passion is reflected in each MIHAYLO product.



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