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When it comes to accessories, something that every woman should have in her collection is a great scarf or wrap. As you start to shop for the right piece to add to your collection, you will find a wide variety of women's scarves and wraps available in our selection at Mihaylo. The beautiful thing about these accessories is that they open up a world of possibilities so that you can create an entirely new look with minimal effort at all. 

A common misconception is that scarves and wraps for women are only meant to be worn in the fall and winter months. While it is nice to pull out your favorite winter-inspired scarves or pashminas, there are many designs to choose from, and it leaves you with the ability to dress and look your best all year long. Whether you are looking for something like an oversized scarf to wear with your favorite blazer or you want a sleek wrap to go with a new black dress, we have the selection and colors to fit in with your tastes and needs. 

How to Tie Scarves 

Once you have the scarves or wraps that you love, you should know all of the different ways that you can wear them. There are countless ways that you can tie your scarves so that you have a unique look every time that you head out the door. For example, a classic silk scarf in your favorite color or design can put your ensemble on a whole new level.

It is all about the styling, so these are some excellent tying tips that you can use: 

- Bowtie - You can roll the scarf diagonally and then you can tie it neatly into the bow. 

- Turban Wrap - Place the scarf on the back of your neck and then twist the ends twice. You then secure the scarf in a knot located at the back of your head.

- French Knot – This is an option where you take the loose end and pull it over and then under the loop of the scarf. You can bring the second end and go under and then over the same loop.

- Necklace – With a longer scarf, fold it in half lengthwise. You can then grab diagonal ends and put them in a knot together. Put this over your neck, twist, and then loop once again.

Mihaylo offers a stunning collection of women's scarves and wraps crafted using water-based techniques using paint and inks. The designs emphasized color bleeding and being smart with the use of space to complement the overall piece. Whether you are looking for a few scarves to add to your collection or you want to have a unique wrap that you can wear to a special event, we have a unique selection to choose from. We invite you to shop the Casual Chic Collection or the Signature collection so that you can find some of the best women's scarves and wraps made with bold colors and superior materials.



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